How to make a D20 Part 1. “That’s no moon.”

Officially started on the project. Geeks get ready. You’ll want one.

I started by cutting out triangles in card and connecting them with tape and paper in a really crafty way. But hey, it works and gets a quick mock up to see how it will work.

I decided it was adequate so I started layering up body filler on it to strengthen it and so I could round the edges and engrave the numbers.

Then after lots of adding filler and sanding it down, it had a lovely smooth texture(too bad I can’t blog the sense of touch). I gave it a coat of green acrylic paint(not important what color, just needed something dark). This would make it easier to engrave as I could see the color change as I go.

I used a small battery powered engraver to mark in all the numbers. Dremels work but are cumbersome and this was very detailed work. After I was done I sanded the paint back off to get a smooth finish for molding.

Then its ready to start molding. I’m going to make a silicone skin with a 2 part fiber glass mother mold on each piece. First step is the silicone.

For the first layer I just used RTV. The second layer is RTV with thixotropic to make it a butter like texture so its easier to layer up.

Fiber glass is next.


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