How to make a D20 Part 3. Critical miss

Back to work.

I finished the 3rd part of the fiber glass mold for the larger piece.


Then moved on to casting the s.o.b. Although fast cast sets quickly it requires multiple small pours being slushed around to get an even coat on the inside.

IMAG0662     IMAG0664

At least the set fast cast has a really smooth texture. =)

I did this for both pieces and got a couple pulls for each. Errors occurred =( so after two pulls I got one useable piece of each.

So before I pull anymore casts(because it gets boring quick) I’m going to have a go at putting the hinge and magnets in.

Now just because I’ve molded these doesn’t mean I’m done using filler =/

I used screws as the metal for the magnets to attach to. They are easy to put in and if I used two sets of magnets it would be wasteful as well as too strong of a connection. The hinge is glued in using araldite and then screwed in using very very small screws(which still didn’t keep one from going through the top =/) Don’t worry though, using a dremel I easily sorted that out. Next I cleaned up the edges a bit and used my super secret cling film and body filler technique.

So to get the two halves to line up really well I had to use body filler to make the seem perfect. But I have to worry about the body filler attaching to other side so I just put a layer of cling film on one half and filler up to the edge. Okay so it’s not that complicated or genius but it works really well. Here’s how it looked at the end of the day.

Still needs a little bit of touching up and then it’s ready for the innards. Next is to get a second box to the same point and then add some felt :0. I haven’t really worked with the stuff before, but hey its a craft material how hard can it be?… D:


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