How to make a D20 part 4. Yahtzee!

Continuing work on the D20 container. Taking a big longer than anticipated for a couple reasons. One being that I need two done at the same time.

So I pulled another cast and got underway with putting all the pieces in it.

I’m still a little more focused on finishing the first one, but here is them side by side.

Managed to work out how to put in the screws in an easier fashion. Just made a hole and used the dremel to slowly make the hole larger so they can sit flat on the rim. Also decided to wait to cut down the rim until all the fittings are done, reduces the amount of filler I get on the inside of the container. Half of filler working time is clean up, yuck.

I also ran into another interesting situation. The magnets attached well, but because they are flat and the lid is flat, it would shift a little bit while closed. So I used my genius cling film technique again and added a splotch of filler onto the screw part and closed the lid and kept it centered. When the filler cured and I opened it I now had a socket that the magnet nestles into comfortably. I have to tell you, all this has created one hell of a satisfying lid. Magnets are fun enough, but thanks to all the other tweaks I find myself just sitting there, opening and closing the thing for long durations of time. Eating away at valuable work time. Open… and close. Open…and close. Open… Anyway here’s a hard to photograph picture of the messy “socket”…and close.


Okay, I need to get unhypnotized and get to work on the felt. Yes! The felt! That’s what I was doing.

Since I know I’m going to be gluing felt to the interior I needed to prepare it. Really smooth surfaces don’t glue well so I had to key the surface. I just gave it a bit of a sand and then used a scalpel to cross hatch the surface with scratches.


I then added the felt! I decided to just cut a bunch of triangles up and slightly over lap them so it creates a slight icosahedron(yes I looked that up) effect on the inside as well. Here are the results:

Hurrah, only some very minor touches before it’s ready for painting. Oh, also I made a container with felt on the inside hence the Yahtzee joke. Oh my wit, you can’t handle it.

Open…and close.


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