The Dragon Disciple – Part 3

If you’ve been wondering why Deirdre is bald it’s because instead of sculpting her hair I’ll be using a wig when she’s done. So I know she looks a bit shaven, but in the end she’ll have beautiful wavy locks.

Today I’ll be showing you how I get a block mold ready before I pour the silicone. So I’ll refrain from showing the silicone being poured until next time. That’s how important the preparation is. I finished off the horns and put the final textures on them so it was time to very very carefully HACK THEM OUT!

Here the key is to be precise in making the box. I drew a quick plan and cut out all my pieces of wood before attaching them with screws. Then I fill all the creases with some plastilene so the silicone won’t sneak out any where. I put the horns in and filled them with used chunks of silicone to save on material costs.
Again, everything I do is a learning process and I’m glad to share.


The Dragon Disciple – Part 2

This post is mostly sculpting progress. There is something really addicting about sculpting. I can get focused on it like nothing else. Which is great, but can also be a downside, because when sculpting you really need to have a look at what you are doing from all angles. If you don’t stop working every now and then you won’t notice why something looks a bit weird.

If you look closely you make notice in some of my progress pics that bits that seemed done, will be slightly changed later, because I realized it would look better after I came back to the sculpt the next day.

After having all this blocked out I’ll be focusing on finishing the horns. My plan is to mold and cast the horns separately before I finish the main sculpt so I can place them back on it.

Next time I’ll perform a horn-ectomy on our heroine while trying not to damage anything.

The Dragon Disciple – Part 1

I’ve started something new, something daring, something…geeky. I’m a big fan of role playing games. Well that’s inaccurate, only Dungeons and Dragons and only edition 3.5. Holla! Anyway for my next artistic endeavor I’ll be making one of my favorite characters. So I introduce…

Deirdre, The Dragon Disciple!

Defender of the defenseless, kin to the dragons, turner of fate, holder of fortune, leader of men, mother of battle, and the biggest baddest bitch in the land.

So on with it then…

I’ll be making her as a 1:1 scale bust. In short description she looks half-elven, half-dragon. Pointy ears, small nose, scales, horns, etc.

I’ll show you a small pic of some later progress to keep it entertaining. Then into the process.

dragon woman

We’ll get to that point very quickly but first I made a custom mannequin to start on. I made some technical drawings to make the poly-sculpting much easier and so I didn’t end up with a completely lopsided mess.

Making my own foam head allowed for even more customization for the bust. I have a wooden pole sticking through the middle of the bust to keep it attached to the board and steady.

Deirdre will return, so if you have any questions about how I’m making it be sure to ask. Everything I do is a learning process and I’m glad to share.

The Halfway Place: Done!

Success! After many worrying weeks the kickstarter is a success! I finished the masks and now some Welsh guy is gonna make a movie. Woo! Here’s a pic of the Three Musketeers themselves ready to be shipped off:


I’ll be sure to post a link when it’s done and on the youtubes.