The Dragon Disciple – Part 2

This post is mostly sculpting progress. There is something really addicting about sculpting. I can get focused on it like nothing else. Which is great, but can also be a downside, because when sculpting you really need to have a look at what you are doing from all angles. If you don’t stop working every now and then you won’t notice why something looks a bit weird.

If you look closely you make notice in some of my progress pics that bits that seemed done, will be slightly changed later, because I realized it would look better after I came back to the sculpt the next day.

After having all this blocked out I’ll be focusing on finishing the horns. My plan is to mold and cast the horns separately before I finish the main sculpt so I can place them back on it.

Next time I’ll perform a horn-ectomy on our heroine while trying not to damage anything.


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