The Dragon Disciple – Part 3

If you’ve been wondering why Deirdre is bald it’s because instead of sculpting her hair I’ll be using a wig when she’s done. So I know she looks a bit shaven, but in the end she’ll have beautiful wavy locks.

Today I’ll be showing you how I get a block mold ready before I pour the silicone. So I’ll refrain from showing the silicone being poured until next time. That’s how important the preparation is. I finished off the horns and put the final textures on them so it was time to very very carefully HACK THEM OUT!

Here the key is to be precise in making the box. I drew a quick plan and cut out all my pieces of wood before attaching them with screws. Then I fill all the creases with some plastilene so the silicone won’t sneak out any where. I put the horns in and filled them with used chunks of silicone to save on material costs.
Again, everything I do is a learning process and I’m glad to share.


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