The Dragon Disciple – Part 9 – Finished! (Pic Heavy)

Deirdre is done. All pics are by the amazing Dave Bryant. Thanks buddy.

DAB_3869 (854x1280) Dragon Woman 5 (2) Dragon Woman 5 (6) Dragon Woman 5 (9) Dragon Woman 5 (12) Dragon Woman 5 (14) Dragon Woman 5 (20) Dragon Woman 5 (24) Dragon Woman 5 (26) Dragon Woman 5


The Dragon Disciple – Part 8


This was an adventure…

I made the locks on my mold a bit too well and it wouldn’t come off of the jacket. So I had to get an extra pair of hands to help out.


Not going so well.


Heave! Ho!


This seriously took so long(about 30 minutes) that we had an audience.


Victory! You’d think that after all that straining something would be broken. Thankfully everyone involved, including Deirdre, was alright.

That’s how the cast turns out raw. Assembly and painting next.

After priming it’s time to paint.

Deirdre Dragon Woman 3 (1)

Finished product photos next time!


The Dragon Disciple – Part 7

The molding process.

Deirdre dragon woman 2 (21)

I’ve gone with what is called a matrix mold. I just picked it because it has a cool name, and looks cool when it’s done, as opposed to the sloppy messes my molds usually are.

Then to pour the silicone.

The Dragon Disciple – Part 6

The final Sculpt!

Deirdre dragon woman (960x1280) (27)

So I’m going to make sure I get some good pictures just in case I screw up the mold.

Also a little extra preparation for the mold. Wooden blocks to keep the sides flat, and plastic to protect the sculpt from the clay I’ll add on later.


The Dragon Disciple – Part 5

She has her horns back now. Starting to get a bit more draconic.

Deirdre dragon woman (960x1280) (13)

At this point I had a play around to find out the scale texture I wanted on the face.

The Dragon Disciple – Part 4

Kicking off with the ears this update.. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with ears. I despise sculpting them, but I’m always pleased with how they turn out.

Deirdre dragon woman (960x1280) (3)