Jumanji Playing Pieces: Get ready

I’ve recently re-sculpted the Jumanji playing pieces. They required a new mold so I gave a try at making them more accurate at the same time. The reason is because I am going to be offering full Jumanji boards or Jumanji board kits soon. So until that project is close I will be offering the pieces for sale.


So the offer is as follows:

Painted Jumanji Pieces – $39.95*

Jumanji Pieces Unpainted Kit (white) – $29.95*

*Plus shipping (5.95 US) international varies

As an extra, since the full Jumanji boards are not on sale yet. If you buy the pieces now, that cost will be taken off of the boards if you buy them later.

If interested email me at jay_surma@hotmail.com