New Statue Finished

Meet Nichi Damu


The first commission from my new project.

I had a friend approach me about potentially making a statue of their Dungeons and Dragons character. I was intrigued and have now launched a portion of the blog dedicated to taking orders for further commissions.

So now is your chance to get your own character immortalized in statue form.

How to get your own:

Simply click on the link on the left hand side of the page called Statue Commission.

Or if others are interested link them to or just share the page.

Once you’re there you can find out everything you need to order an original sculpture from me.


Xephos Video

I’ve uploaded a new video to youtube. A time lapse of the Xephos statue. If you want pictures and other information check my previous post.

Follow my page, I’ll be doing plenty more stuff like this in the future.

News for the New Year.

Just a quick catch up on what I’m up to and what you can expect to see out of me soon.

I’m still working on making a kickstarter to produce some of the D20 containers. It’s presenting some challenges with me being in England, but having to use an American bank account. So that’s tbd.

Meanwhile I’ll be working on a couple musicals at College. The first is A New Brain, which I will be helping design and build. The second is The Witches of Eastwick, which I will only be building. After those are finished I have a very large project. A very big massive deal.

I’m also considering working on making some sculpting time lapses. Just got my camera to start charging again so I’m quite excited about the idea. I’d like to have some youtube videos for people to gander at. Well that’s all. Till next time.