Jumanji Playing Pieces: Get ready

I’ve recently re-sculpted the Jumanji playing pieces. They required a new mold so I gave a try at making them more accurate at the same time. The reason is because I am going to be offering full Jumanji boards or Jumanji board kits soon. So until that project is close I will be offering the pieces for sale.


So the offer is as follows:

Painted Jumanji Pieces – $39.95*

Jumanji Pieces Unpainted Kit (white) – $29.95*

*Plus shipping (5.95 US) international varies

As an extra, since the full Jumanji boards are not on sale yet. If you buy the pieces now, that cost will be taken off of the boards if you buy them later.

If interested email me at jay_surma@hotmail.com



New Statue – Maminox

Let me introduce you to Maminox


…the newest D&D character out of the shop. Maminox recently became epic level and was obviously deserving of his own statue.

I’d like to thank Corey Vissing for the freedom and wealth of history to work with on this guy. I had a lot of room to put my own input into the final design and it was a blast. I love nothing more than giving a character a final coherent look.

If you are interested in a statue of your own then you’re in luck. I’m taking orders.

Just visit the statue ordering page on the left or here: Statue Ordering

If you have questions also feel free to send an email to jay_surma@hotmail.com


New Statue Finished

Meet Nichi Damu


The first commission from my new project.

I had a friend approach me about potentially making a statue of their Dungeons and Dragons character. I was intrigued and have now launched a portion of the blog dedicated to taking orders for further commissions.

So now is your chance to get your own character immortalized in statue form.

How to get your own:

Simply click on the link on the left hand side of the page called Statue Commission.

Or if others are interested link them to https://jaysurma.wordpress.com/statue-commission/ or just share the page.

Once you’re there you can find out everything you need to order an original sculpture from me.

The Halfway Place: Done!

Success! After many worrying weeks the kickstarter is a success! I finished the masks and now some Welsh guy is gonna make a movie. Woo! Here’s a pic of the Three Musketeers themselves ready to be shipped off:


I’ll be sure to post a link when it’s done and on the youtubes.

The Halfway Place: Mask update

Here are a few updates for the masks. They are sculpted out of water based clay and the mold is fiberglass. They will soon be cast in resin. To help out with the short film, go to the kickstarter and donate. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/632592653/the-halfway-place-a-welsh-ghost-story Also, you aren’t just giving money away, you get a copy of the film when its done!