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Original Design Dragon Woman

aka Deirdre

Dragon Woman 5 (2)

Snow White

The character Snow White, specifically from The Wolf Among Us.


Nichi Damu

A commission inspired by a customer’s D&D character


Jumanji Board

Commission Prop Replica



Another commission inspired by a customer’s D&D character


Dead Space Necromorph.

A creature designed in the style of the Video Game Dead Space.

dead space necromorph

D20 dice container

Commission of a box for dice that looked like a large d20 for the game Dungeons and Dragons.

Xephos Statue  – 14 inches

Statue of a character from the popular youtube channel The Yogscast.

Mask Commission for The Halfway Place

I was part of a successful kickstarter for a short film called The Halfway Place.


Hellraiser Cube

Master Chief Helmet from Halo.


Kaiju Bar Mascot

Created as an original Ultra-Man inspired monster


Peep show box with moving scene inside.

Created as a team with four other people. I created the mechanism and the box itself.



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