Statue/Prop Ordering


Greetings weary traveler.

You may have found your way to this page because you desire a custom sculpture of your personal character from Dungeons and Dragons or other Role Playing game.

If so this is everything I need from you to start working. Simply read the info so you know what you want and fill out the form below.

Also check out the images above and below to see similar work I’ve done.

Important Information:

  • All sculpts are 1/8 scale full figures or 1/6 scale busts. (a six foot tall character will be around 9 inches tall as a full figure or 6 inches tall as a bust.
  • Base price starts at $300 and increases based on difficulty. (like the character having 6 arms or chain mail armor)
  • Time to finished product should be around 30 days after deposit payment is received. This will vary based on current volume of existing commissions I’m working on.
  • A deposit will be charged that will be half of the final price.
  • There will be an additional shipping charge if required.
  • Communication is key to getting the product you want.

Statue Commission Form

After you submit this form

I will contact you either with further questions or a price estimate.

You will then receive a commission contract to sign and send back to me along with instructions to pay the deposit.

Statue Commission Contract

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Thank You.


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