Destiny Thrall Pumpkin

First time carving a pumpkin and since this video game has taken over my life, this is what happened.






The Halfway Place: Done!

Success! After many worrying weeks the kickstarter is a success! I finished the masks and now some Welsh guy is gonna make a movie. Woo! Here’s a pic of the Three Musketeers themselves ready to be shipped off:


I’ll be sure to post a link when it’s done and on the youtubes.

The Halfway Place: Mask update

Here are a few updates for the masks. They are sculpted out of water based clay and the mold is fiberglass. They will soon be cast in resin. To help out with the short film, go to the kickstarter and donate. Also, you aren’t just giving money away, you get a copy of the film when its done!

The Halfway Place: Masks

Started making the full sized masks for the short film I’m involved in. To see more and sign up for a copy of the movie, go to the kick starter.

Here are some images of the Mask progress.

The Halfway Place

I’m making a set of masks for a very cool short film. They are using a Kickstarter to get it distributed. If you can pledge please do. Even just a £1 can get your name in the credits. Look for some of my concept sculpts and  a picture of me on the page.

Here’s a link:

Here’s some pics of the concept masks.