My most recent commission was a pokeball. No need to explain the source behind this inspiration, its a freaking pokeball!




Halo 3: Spartan Laser Part-3

I’ve added a lot to the center piece where the lights are. I’ve also started receiving all of my LED gadgets in the mail. Score!

Also have continued to take the whole gun back to a smooth texture. I filled and primed it all one color(using, guess it, Filler Primer) so I can see all the defects. Sometimes you can get lost when you have that much to sand. Best to get back to a solid color every now and then when working.

Halo 3: Spartan Laser Part-2

I did the most difficult step today with the gun. Since its all made of mdf wood, it is very “fuzzy” even when sanded. So I used a little insider trick. You can use filler, but if you sand back to the wood it will start to fuzz up all over again. I use button polish. It seeps into the wood and hardens it up underneath the surface, making it possible to sand it quite a bit before it gets fuzzy again. So here are some images of the process. Like I said, this will be one of the most difficult as I have to go back and sand the entire piece head to toe in one go. But it leaves a lovely finish as you’ll(kind of) see in the last 3 pictures.

Halo 3: Spartan Laser Part-1


Started this Spartan Laser a while back, and now that I have time, will be finishing it. This thing will be epic.